Shane & Samara | A Morning At The Novotel

We were extremely excited to be capturing Shane & Samara’s special day in our home city of Sydney, and to top it off we also found out that Bride and Groom would both be preparing in the same Hotel, just down the hall from one another, at Novotel Sydney.

With that in mind we took a slightly different approach to Shane & Samara’s wedding teaser, and couldn’t miss the opportunity to focus on the two different sides of the bridal party. The Groomsmen spent the morning going bowling, playing pool and generally relaxing, whilst on the Bride’s side of things, it was make-up, hair, champagne and jewellery.

Amidst all the excitement, Shane & Samara exchanged letters addressed to one another, that expressed all the things they wanted to say to one another on the morning of their wedding day but, being unable to see one another, never could. Both letters were heartfelt and honest and a pleasure to hear.

After a busy morning, filled with the difficulty of being so close to one another, yet not being able to see each other, Shane & Samara were finally united at the Altar of the stunning St Thomas’ Church North Sydney.

What happened next?

We’ve left a few little hints but for the full story, you’ll have to ask Shane & Samara.

From the team at Paths Media.